About Andrew

Andrew Taban has dedicated his career to public service, driven by a profound commitment to his community. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, he understands the challenges and rewards of running a small business having managed one himself. His entrepreneurial background has given him a unique perspective on the importance of education in providing a skilled workforce and fostering economic growth.

Andrew has worked hard to create opportunities for our community and give back through various organizations supporting seniors, veterans, and education. His work with local elected officials includes developing policies and programs that benefit the community, focusing on at-risk youth and youth with disabilities. Additionally, Andrew serves as an education liaison in the California State Assembly, advocating for public education and the opportunities it provides.

Andrew believes that education is key to a brighter future, providing essential job training for local employers and job seekers, and contributing significantly to the community's overall strength. His passion for public service is evident in his work to enhance the educational experience and ensure that local institutions remain beacons of excellence.

Andrew is committed to working in collaboration with students, faculty, staff, and the community to foster a supportive and thriving educational environment. His dedication and passion for service combined with his entrepreneurial spirit drive him to continue building a brighter future for our community; because he knows the best way to get it done, is together.