As a Santa Clarita Community College Trustee, Andrew will ensure our students, faculty, staff, and community have a seat at the table. He believes that while everyone may not agree, coming together to hear all voices is the best method to make well-informed decisions.


Andrew will fight for fair and equal funding for our faculty and staff, and ensure that our educators receive the resources they deserve. He will work diligently with his fellow trustees to collaborate on the best outcomes for everyone. Andrew firmly believes that we have a responsibility to our community, to ensure that their tax dollars are responsibly managed.

Student Wellness

Andrew will fight for our students - as an alum, he has experienced first hand what it is like to be a COC student, and wants to be sure our faculty and staff have what they need to ensure our students succeed. Studies and practice have shown that students get more out of their education when their basic needs are met. Andrew will work to create a campus where students thrive, not just survive.